May 5, 2023 @ 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
Date: Friday, May 5th
Cost: $22.50 {includes tax}
(ages 3 and under are FREE)
10:30am {We will meet up front at 10:30am, I have to give you a wrist band!}
We will provide learning materials to the students with self-guided instruction on physics and how it relates to many of the rides at The Park at OWA. Your K-12 students will experience gravity, centripetal motion, inertia, potential and kinetic energy and the differences between negative and positive G-forces. We will also explore the science of animatronics in our indoor dark ride, Mystic Mansion.
And that’s not all! As an added bonus, in honor of our partnership with the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival, on Friday, May 5th, students will also be able to learn about the physics behind a hot air balloon. Learn how pilots operate, float and control the ascent of their hot air balloon.
*There will be a hard deadline to pay for this as they will NOT be taking payments for this price past that point { April 14th}
*Unfortunately there are no non-rider tickets OR season pass holders for this date.
*The crowd should be on the smaller side for this as this is NOT an open to the general public event.
*The plan from them is to have the littles rides open, but will depend on staff.
WHEN PAYING: Please MAKE SURE you see the step that says BUSINESS or FRIEND. If you don’t see that step contact me and I will help walk you through it I really don’t mind. Due to IRS changes this year field trip fees sent via “Business” can be taxed on my end! THANK YOU!
**Put in the comments WHO and WHAT you are paying for! (With so many people having different names on their
PayPal I need names to match it up and to know what it is for)
Deadline for Payment: April 14th

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