SAH 2021 Valentine Party!

February 19, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
**FILL OUT GOOGLE FORM at the end**
Feb 19th
Dreamland Skate Center
Arrive 1030AM / Cards swap11AM
I have gone back and forth on this and have decided to go ahead with some understanding. This event will be OUTSIDE and ** AT YOUR OWN RISK**. I will keep the bag groups smaller, and we will call groups off the playground to hand out in shifts. Bad weather will cancel. This will be a park playdate with a BONUS!
Bring a valentine box and at LEAST 24 Valentines. to pass out. We will probably have more than 24 kids. LOL But so that you dont have to get 100’s of valentines I separate them out into smaller groupings!
To keep the together small I will be putting them together in groups of 8 or 12 so we dont have a bunch of kids all on top of each other.
We will swap Valentines at 11am! So if you run a little late thats fine, just dont run TOO late 😉
We wont be bringing snacks this year ♥ If you are doing NO EDIBLE valentines let me know when you arrive! I will be sure to do an “allergy free” grouping! ♥

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