About Erin

Hi! My name is Erin Wainwright and I am homeschool mom here on the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast! I admin or co admin several local homeschool pages, have had a hand in starting several great local homeschool programs, and am always up for talking to new homeschool mamas about taking that leap! I have been homeschooling 8 years now, and am passionate about building our community, and dispelling myths attached to it. This group was a labor of a love and necessity. After a discussion with my husband on our family situation I knew I needed to get creative to be able to keep following this path! This Adventure allows me to continue my passion for building the community, and continue to plan new and fun things for our homeschooled kids!

Volunteering is important to me, and so is kids AND parents getting the opportunity to hang out and relax! With that in mind I am so excited to expand our adventure to include regular volunteer opportunities, park playdates, and parent nights out! I am an advocate of sharing information and supporting our local community, and will continue to do that through the FREE Facebook group South Alabama Homeschooling. If you are in this area, and looking for support and have questions, I hope you will join us there! You can also email me at etw501@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook. I hope to see you at an adventure SOON!

In 2019 we were featured in Business Alabama Magazine! On an Adventure to Hummingstar Alpaca farm a photographer from the magazine tagged along and took some pictures of us Adventuring for their publication! You can read the article HERE!
In 2018  Erin’s Gulf Coast Homeschool Adventures was named one of only 200 Alabama Bicentennial schools, thanks to our work with Feeding the Gulf Coast community garden. We were awarded a $2,000 grant to use to better the garden over the next year, with the possibility of getting them more!
In 2019 our LEGO themed Christmas tree for the USA Children’s and Women’s hospital Holiday Tree Trail was named one of their top 25 trees! This is one of our favorite community service projects and we were so excited they enjoyed our tree!