Can You Guess Who? (Colonial America and Revolutionary War Era)


Grade Levels

2nd – 12th, Homeschool

U.S. History, Black History Month, Women’s History Month
Resource Type
Flash Cards, Centers
Formats Included: PDF, 40 page


The pieces created for this printable fit a Guess who game, and the rules are the same. The pieces are created in both the classic game and the new version sizes.


4 in 1 game

You can play a complete game of Women, Men, People of Color, or Mix it Up


Included in this game:

28 women pieces

27 men pieces

Within those pieces are 24 people of color

(All pieces are sized for the new and the classic game)

55 cards that match people on pieces with a short fact list

55 cards without facts


The info cards provide a jumping-off point of facts and information. They by no means cover the entirety of the accomplishments of the people represented. Use the cards with facts on them to introduce your students to people they may not have encountered in their lessons yet, and use the blank cards to allow students to add additional facts or points of interest they discover!


For durability and longevity, you might consider laminating the pieces!


*please see thelast page of product for restrictions and credits


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