Dauphin Island: Alabama History & Estuarium

September 22, 2020 @ 8:00 am
Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Date: Sept 22nd
Group A: 8am-12pm Classes & 2pm- 4pm Estuarium
Group B: 11am- 12:30 Esturaium & 1pm-5pm Classes

Ages PreK-3rd
Marine Specimen Touch Lab
After introducing animals such as the sponge, jellyfish, sea star, clam, snail, crab, shark, octopus, and more, the Marine Educator arranges specimens for the students to touch, hold, and examine. Students learn about the animals’ adaptations, life cycles, and basic marine ecology.


One Fish Two Fish
Students will learn about these fish by handling preserved specimens. The focus will be on what makes a fish a fish. The students will learn about what the head, body, and tail shapes of fish tell us about what fish eat, where they live, and how fast they swim. Students will have an opportunity to create “new fish”.

4th Grade and up:
Join us as we travel through history, beginning with a visit to the Mississippian Indian mounds at Shell Mound Park. Hold a piece of history in your hand as we search for pottery among the oyster shells. Next, we will take a guided tour of Fort Gaines, where students will be shown how a soldier lived and worked during that time.

Parents: $4.50
PreK-3rd: $8.50
4th-12th: $9.50

I will have a 30 person limit on each of these which comes out to 120 people. If this fills up really fast I will set up a second day. If your child is on the 3rd/4th grade cusp and you want them to go in the older or younger group shoot me a PM! If you have younger and older kids you will have to pair with parent from another group to keep an eye on the child you aren’t staying with. As of right now, they will require masks as this Adventure

This event is at your own risk. It will be inside and outside with plenty of ability to social distance.

Paypal me at etw501@GMAIL.com with what it’s for in the comments.

Please make sure you are NOT sending it as “Paying for an item or service” but that when you send your payment, it says “Sending to a friend”. Include in the comments WHAT you are paying for.



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