OWA Amusement Park

September 26, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
105 S OWA Blvd
AL 36535
Date: Saturday, September 26th
Cost: $17.60 (cost with tax for the $15.99 school rate)
Ages 3 and under are FREE
NON riders are FREE
Passes are good for ONE year. So if the weather is bad you can go another day.
This link will take you to info on their Covid restrictions and guidelines: https://visitowa.com/knowbeforeyougo/
This event is at your own risk. It will be inside and outside with plenty of ability to social distance.
Paypal me at etw501@GMAIL.com with what it’s for in the comments.
Please make sure you are NOT sending it as “Paying for an item or service” but that when you send your payment, it says “Sending to a friend”. Include in the comments WHAT you are paying for.
**BONUS** On the afternoon of Sept 16th we will have a VIRTUAL event with engineering students from Auburn University students who will talk to the kids about Physics in the Park and the science behind the building of the rides! Centripetal force, pendulum, and different energies (potential, kinetic, gravity) will all be talked about and they are so important to making it all work. That event will be separate.

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