Wales West Light Railway – WATER DAY!

August 16, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Wednesday, August 16th



$11 per person
(per person 3yrs and up. )

Every time we go to Wales West Light Railway & RV Resort for Halloween and Christmas we look over at this and the kids get wide eyed and ask about going THERE!? This year is the year!

This will include a Wales West TRAIN ride (optional), the beach, water slide, pavilion, and waterfall!. We will bring lunch and enjoy the day. They will have lifeguards on duty, and say we will have this to ourselves! ❤

WHEN PAYING: Please MAKE SURE you see the step that says BUSINESS or FRIEND. If you don’t see that step contact me and I will help walk you through it I really don’t mind. Due to IRS changes this year field trip fees sent via “Business” can be taxed on my end! THANK YOU!

**Put in the comments WHO and WHAT you are paying for! (With so many people having different names on their PayPal I need names to match it up and to know what it is for)

Deadline for Payment: August 9th

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