Wales West Light Railway – WATER DAY!

May 23, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Monday, May 23rd

$11 per person
(per person 3yrs and up. )

Every time we go to Wales West Light Railway & RV Resort for Halloween and Christmas we look over at this and the kids get wide eyed and ask about going THERE!? This year is the year!

This will include a Wales West TRAIN ride, the beach, water slide, pavilion, and waterfall! There is a roped off shallow area, and the swimmers can venture out farther. We will bring lunch and enjoy the day…before all the schools get out 😉 They will have lifeguards on duty, and say we will have this to ourselves! ❤

WHEN PAYING: Please MAKE SURE you see the step that says BUSINESS or FRIEND. If you don’t see that step contact me and I will help walk you through it I really don’t mind. Due to IRS changes this year field trip fees sent via “Business” can be taxed on my end! THANK YOU!

**Put in the comments WHO and WHAT you are paying for! (With so many people having different names on their PayPal I need names to match it up and to know what it is for)

Deadline for Payment: May 18th

Send payment:


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